Opportunity Identification

Analyze. Review. Submit.

Winning Government contracts takes the best solution to fit the desired result. Taking your company's products and services and presenting them correctly lands you Government contracts.


Opportunity Identification Services

Poor margins, price-only negotiations, fighting harder for the same sales, fewer leads flowing into the business? It’s most likely not the fault of your sales staff. These are the signs of poor positioning.

Regardless of how you see your company, other businesses and entities see you as a commodity. In their minds, there are lots of reasonable substitutes for what you offer, and Government Procurement Solutionsthere’s no reason you should be paid a premium for what you deliver. GPS can promote your business to put you ahead of all the others.

GPS helps clients identify new market opportunities for existing businesses and technologies. This is accomplished through our proven Opportunity Identification Process (OIP). The process is applicable to challenges presented by both commercial and Government entities. The adaptable approach is successful at both tightly bounded and unbounded opportunity explorations. The result is locating and presenting opportunities that fit your business's primary and secondary core competencies.

The unique two-phase approach uncovers and qualifies both broad market opportunities and specific product/services opportunities for your bidding.

Topics vary, but may include analysis of:

Opportunity Scan Phase

  • Business strategy alignment
  • Background capabilities and assessment
  • User, market and trends
  • Alternative product/services scenarios
  • Alternative segmentation
  • Commercial/Governmental opportunity modeling
  • Down selection of most promising opportunities

Opportunity Identification Phase
  • Lead-user, lead-stakeholder and trendsetter research
  • Value proposition definition
  • Alternative product/service concept generation
  • Alternative business model generation
  • Definition of product/services opportunities

GPS will assist in the decision whether or not to proceed with pursuing the RFP, researching literally every opportunity the government advertises for competition.