GPS Public Relations Services

All our public relations programs are backed by experience with emerging and established companies in a variety of markets with deep experience in the technology and consumer industries. We can help you drive bottom-line results from your critical business assignments including:

Start-Up/Company Launch

Start-Up/Company Launch programs are among the quickest, most efficient ways to introduce a new enterprise to its key market via public relations. These PR programs place your company in front of its key audiences to drive sales leads, build a network of distributors or marketing partners, win the endorsements of important influencers and attract new or additional investment.

Market Entry/Repositioning

Market Entry/Repositioning programs introduce or refocus a company’s participation in a market or market segment – in essence launching the company into a new area or clarifying its position within its existing segment. These PR programs attract new participating distributors and dealers into your network, gain endorsements from powerful influencers and help with lead generation.

Investment Attraction

Investment Attraction programs help companies restock their funding reserves as they prepare for and undertake an initial public offering, secure first-time or new round venture capital financing or generate inquiries to entertain merger and acquisition opportunities.

Reputation/Crisis Management

Reputation/Crisis Management programs, in good times as well as during times of challenge, directly address the concerns of key stakeholders, customers and regulators and take action to support and manage a company’s corporate reputation.