United States Capitol Building

Government Lobbying Services

Our company's alliances provide federal legislative and government relations services, which are tailored to meet each particular client's needs, to include the following:

Political Strategy & Planning

Planning legislative strategy and helping clients to evaluate their lobbying needs and to develop and enhance their own political/government relations programs.

Direct Lobbying & Advocacy

Active direct lobbying advocacy, including presenting written and oral testimony to Congress and to appropriate personnel in federal agencies and the Administration.

Monitoring & Reporting

Monitoring and timely reporting of federal legislative and administrative activities including bills, committee hearings, Congressional floor debate, proposed agency policies and rule-makings, etc.

Legal Analysis

Furnishing legal analysis and comments in connection with bills, amendments, proposed regulations and other legislative and regulatory documents and proposals.

Meeting Federal Officials

Scheduling meetings with, providing introductions to and facilitating access to federal officials and establishing and maintaining contacts with key Congressional members, staff and federal agency personnel.

Providing Presence

Providing a client with an ongoing respected presence in Washington, such as appearances at Congressional hearings, agency meetings, etc.